Rebecca. Twenty One. College Senior. Coffee. Sidd. Creep. Kind of an asshole.


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Feminism is about supporting women - unless they disagree with feminism.

This makes me so sad.

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Hum, Tigers Jaw

You are the leaves at my feet.
You are the hum of electric heat. 
I kept myself away,
but I’m starting to like the pain.

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In order to be profoundly dishonest, a person must have one of two qualities: either he is unscrupulously ambitious, or he is unswervingly egocentric.

Maya Angelou (via kushandwizdom)


i bet they don’t even script hannibal’s lines. he just goes for it and then laughs at himself




Iggy isn’t a rapper.

She doesn’t have bars

Or punchlines

Or a flow for that matter

Bet money you tell her to freestyle on the spot she’ll either make an excuse or be stuttering

that’s literally what happened lmao 


The song she ended up rapping in this video wasn’t freestyle either. It’s on her album. It was already Written